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Skunk Ape Smells Fishy

A video posted on YouTube January 26, 2015, by Bigfoot Evidence, purports to show a Skunk Ape splashing in shallow water at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Florida.

The video was recorded by canoers who allegedly stumbled upon the creature as they were paddling along the creek. You can watch the video below, followed by some thoughts.

I can't help but notice something that sounds suspiciously like a laugh just before the video ends. Could it be one of the canoers unwittingly giving away the hoax?

It would be great if this video really did show a real Bigfoot, but the fact remains that we do not see enough of this figure to determine what it really is. We cannot rule out the possibility of a person in a pair of hip waders and some kind of getup.

It's intriguing, and whoever is performing as the creature, if it is a hoax, does a pretty good job.

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